Sad Saturday

I'm a bit ill. So sleepy and the weather is cloudy all day. I'm listening to Embrace and Copeland and that's the melting part. Internet connection is being unfriendly. So slow, I can't work on my photo uploading! Well, enough with the rant. Now I'm going to show you cheerful part.

For the very first time. I will put your ad on my blog!

(free-download pattern here)

I also accept button swap. Do you accept button swap too? Gimme some link and let's trade!
You can comment on this post or email me or mention me on twitter (@ditamaulani) or email me okay :)


  1. I shared love and put your adorable button on my blog. If you're interested, you can find my blog's button from here (right sidebar): http://roseberrystyle.blogspot.com/
    I hope you'll get better soon! <3

  2. Mb Ditaaa, sakit apa? Semoga cepet sembuh yaa...cuaca emang lagi ga enak, banyak istirahat yaa...
    Aku mau pasang button mb Dita ;)


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