More Organized

I am not a neat person but looking at this pretty (easy) DIY, feels like I want to make a nursery version and few quote for my toddler. Simply click the image to go to DIY page.


Let's Play!

Having a toddler means you really have to deal with their world : playing is number one, in other word : exploring. I love how my Lateefa play with daily objects, her toys, and everything we have in the house. Her favourite part by now is the kitchen, in front of refrigerator.

This DIY is more for myself as my toddler love to play in front of the fridge. Go ahead pick one of your favourites or click each image to go directly to DIY blog post.





To Print Thursday : Free Printable

I'm back with fun quotes I made this afternoon while waiting for JNE courier to deliver my business card order. I made this a moment ago when suddenly I've got so very itchy to buy more and more craft supplies..and yes money can't buy happiness but I am always very happy every time I successfully bought craft supplied I've been eyeballing for so long. So here's the free printable for you!

Oh! Have I told you my Yellow Pony bracelet is on BerryBenka header (again)?! This is crazy. I am so very happy! Those bracelets the model is wearing are my Moraine.

For you DIYers,I found very good news from Design Sponge's Instagram feed! Check it out! (Picture via DS)

It's almost weekend. What's your plan for this Saturday and Sunday? Me? My husband and I are going to have Bukber (breaking our fasting) together with hubby's big family. 

But I so can't wait for this evening. We're going to hospital to see 4D of our 39 weeks baby! It's getting closer! You can see my big belly via my instagram. See you there!


DIY Tutorial Stencil Floral Pouch

For those who love flowers like me, I know it's always a pleasure and heart-calming to draw rows of flowers. But sometimes we need to brush up our other skills like... Making simple stencils for flowers! (right?)

Here is beyond gorgeous tutorial via Eat Your Teacup for floral pouch/pencil case/make up bag lovers.


Triangle Thingy

I love triangle! Well, who doesn't? Here featured few DIY ideas from accessories, nail art, to home decor, all related to triangle! They're worth trying!


Click on each image to go to tutorial