To Print Thursday : Free Printables Water Colour Wallpaper Madness

Here's to broken hearted and love birds. I experienced a very polar different emotions today : sadness - because of my incapability to play outside or take my daughter out and happiness - my husband went home with two packs of my favourite coffee!

I cannot wait until tomorrow so here's my freebies for you who is experiencing or who has experienced similar emotional experience.

The water color backgrounds are from
Angie Makes
Clementine Creative

Personal use only please :)
Goodnight for now.


Monday Mood : Rhonna Designs

Personal use only, please :)


To Print Tuesday : Minimalist Quote with Rhonna Designs App

So here are the feature for To Print Tuesday, Minimalist Quote with Rhonna Designs App :)


The Great Glue Gun

So, I have been having one same glue gun for the rest of life. Until today I thought I have to buy new one since this old thing is getting a little bit tired. It took quite some times to get the heat it used to make on the day I bought it few years back. I have to get new one since... look at these crazy cool things made of glue gun!

Click on the image to directly go to tutorial links ;)