Yellow Pony & Happy Crafty Time

Phew, it has been rough and bumpy road in 2020 and I guess we're here on another level of Corona virus pandemic. I cannot sit down and relax. I cannot NOT create. So here I am with another update of my new, happy place. But before we get there, I want to reintroduce the brand that has been with me since 2010, Yellow Pony.

Yellow Pony is a brand which established in 2010 that is focusing on handcrafted items and other fashion accessories. Fast forward to 2020, the Corona pandemic has made Dita, me, the only person behind Yellow Pony, to have creative escape with her daughter, Lateefa. They decided to make Happy Crafty Time that focused on mask strap, ear saver, and other accessories for kids.

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Tuesday Tote Bag DIYs and Tote Bag Shops

I have been using and selling tote bag since I was in college - back to 2010 when people were prone to use plastic at any occasions. Well, of course back then I didn't think this world is getting worse, this worse, so I didn't stop using plastic immediately. BUT, I'm glad I was educated by youtube and read lots of news so I never hesitate to grow my tote bag collection.

Not only that climate change is no longer a joke, how my heart melted watching Joaquin Phoenix acceptance speech on Golden Globe, it also needs me to make this earth a better place. It's soooo hard to stop eaaaating meeaaattt oh my God I am so ashamed of myself but I'll keep on doing my best to cut my weekly intake of meat and keep on wearing tote bag as my go-to bag.

I am that type of person who puts everything in a purse, smaller purse, even smaller purse so I don't mind a very spacious tote bag without any compartments. 









Tote bag is one thing that's easy to get...and to make!

Make this tote bag with insanely detailed tutorial with pictures

Pick your favourite tote bag tutorial over HERE or HERE

Hope these are enough for now. Of course I have sewn and sold many tote bags I am not sure if I still remember them all but I still remember I got yellow tote bag from a craft swap, sold vintage tote bag, drew a tote bag and ask my husband to paint a plain tote bag to life.

I cannot tell how many tote bags I have had in my life... can you? How I wish this tiny step of not using plastic bag can help our Earth to live better...a little bit longer.


Gold Statement Necklace

Anything with gold will go bold. But..does it take much to make it bold?
This quick diy project for making a gold statement necklace is almost nothing. No much time, no much $$ to spend.. just come and take a look!

Have yourself a treat by making this pretty gold statement necklace. You can change the color too by dying the knot. Sounds fun to start 2020, rite!

FULL VIDEO please click HERE.


To Print Thursday : Free Printables Water Colour Wallpaper Madness

Here's to broken hearted and love birds. I experienced a very polar different emotions today : sadness - because of my incapability to play outside or take my daughter out and happiness - my husband went home with two packs of my favourite coffee!

I cannot wait until tomorrow so here's my freebies for you who is experiencing or who has experienced similar emotional experience.

The water color backgrounds are from
Angie Makes
Clementine Creative

Personal use only please :)
Goodnight for now.