Thank You Thursday : Printable and Good Mail

Thursday is here! And I dedicate this post to those who help me publishing my work/site/shop 
Thank you Cas, who has been so kind to show her print from my free printable on her blog post.

You can find Cas on the links below. She makes soap I wanna chew!

(via)                                                     (via)
Visit cheerful Cas here:

The second thank you goes to my brother's fiancee, Fina. She's one of my Good Mail Project recipients. There there, you see cute Fina on second photo. Thank you for posting them on Facebook and tag my Yellow Pony Online Shop 

Click links below to know her more:

Now let me show you my latest creation. It is this simple yoyo necklace. I took this picture at Kicky's studio. I think I'm gonna spend my evening here, and have dinner here too 

Happy Thursday to you!


  1. You are so sweet!!! Thanks a bunch. :)

  2. I want to chew on that soap too!! >_<
    Your blog is beautiful, Dita!

  3. You look so cute. Nice necklace.


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