Wrap It Up Sunday

So the sad sad Saturday has passed and I thank you for those who are interested in button swap and sponsoring my blog :)

This Sunday I wanna share about wrapping. I have Good Mail Project and has been selling my item online (Maulani, Wonderlost, Yellow Pony) but never pay too much attention to wrapping since I saw these. I will share my packaging with you later on.

Now I realize delicate wrapping can be a plus point for your costumers.
Do you have your favourite shop(s) because of their cute wraps and packaging?


  1. I like to include a thank you card when I send out my orders, preferably ones that I've bought on etsy.


  2. The packaging can make a person feel very special. I use tissue paper and ribbons and include a handmade thank you card.

  3. I'm changing up my packaging a bit, too. I used to wrap my pieces in tissue paper and then tie them up with some hemp cord. I'm going to start using muslin bags to wrap some of my stuff up, too. =)

  4. These are SO cute! I love little packages :)


  5. I love packages. I use cotton or felt bags made by hand to match with the knit clothes for babies that I do,and include a handmade thank you card.


  6. I love the wrapping with twine and flags!
    I haven't had any sellers send a pretty package before. They do however include extra goodies inside which I love!
    I've stamped and drawn on my packages I send.

  7. your Good Mail project is such a cute idea!

  8. I love the little flag ribbon!


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