It's True. March is So True

I have been listening to this Gorillaz feat. Little Dragon's song, To Binge. Really I fall in love with this song.
And this is the best words I love from its entire lyrics.

I'm welcoming March with...excitement. Something deep is rushing inside me, I can't tell you what yet but... Okay, stop. I want to tell you I'm soooo happy that NYALA put my handmade pouches and necklaces on the online shop again! Kisses!

Pemesanan bisa langsung via NYALA di Facebook-nya. Untuk dompet dan kalung, harganya masing-masing Rp. 35.000 (belum termasuk ongkir). Mari memesan yang banyak!

Pictures below are belong to NYALA.

Selamat memesan, selamat menikmati bulan Maret. 
Happy marching!


  1. Congrats and Happy March to you!

  2. Love it! Beatiful colors used :)

    Btw, Lovely Blog! I'm from EBT!

  3. Congratulations, they are lovely! And yay, March! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog today. :)


  4. wah pouches-nya lucu2! florals lagi! :D

  5. Love the black pouch... A fav combination .. black and colorful flowers... Love the charms added to the pouch !!


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