Tutorial Tuesday: No Sew Bow Brooch

Hello again, people!
I'm alive! Yay! I'm getting much much more better and I think I'm ready to teach tomorrow. I come back on Tuesday to bring you tutorial. As I mentioned on title above, yes, this is a brooch tutorial of a bow, a simple one, something you can make without hot glue and a stitch.
I'm going to make this bilingual.

What you need:
Satin fabric

Bahan yang diperlukan:
Bahan saten
Korek Api Gas

Cut fabric into square and rectangle just like pictured.
Potong bahan dalam bentuk persegi dan persegi panjang seperti yang ada pada gambar.

Simply burn each side of cut fabric.
Bakar semua sisi dari bahan yang tadi dipotong.

Take the centre of square fabric and crumpled it. Imagining a bow while folding the fabric will make it easier for you to crumple.
Ambil bagian tengah dari bahan saten yang berbentuk persegi dan lipatlah. Coba pikirkan bentuk pita saat melipatnya, itu akan membantu kamu membentuk pita.

Take the rectangle fabric and tie it up on the crumpled centre twice. DO NOT cut out the fabric because it won't be easy to tie up the pin.
Ambil bahan satin persegi panjang dan ikatkan pada bagian tengah bahan yang tadi dilipat. JANGAN dulu menggunting sisa bahan karena akan sulit untuk mengikatkan peniti bros.

This is the tricky part, tie the pin up on the middle-back of the bow. (Is it right English anyway?)
Bagian ini agak sulit, ikatkan peniti bros pada bagian tengah belakang pita.

DONE! Your brooch is ready to be attached aaaaanywhere you like.
SELESAI! Bros yang kamu bikin sudah siap untuk dipasang dimanapun kamu mau.

Soooooo simple isn't it?
If you made it already, you can email me and let me see your creations!


  1. cute! I don't mind sewing, but that looks easy peasy!

  2. Wonderful! I don't sew, so this helps immensely with my "crafty" things for myself. The burning of the edges is cool


  3. oooh - cute AND dangerous. I like it.!

  4. Wow so simple and gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Wow, wanna give it a try...thanks so much!

  6. Oh my! I don't trust myself with fire, but this I think I can handle! Thank you!


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