Cd Sleeve, Crafty Music Thing

Hi, everyone!

I'm sorry for lack of post! *AAGGGHHH
I told you that I have quit teaching but really things are getting even busier. I craft a lot, yes, and I did TONS of trade these past two weeks.

Have I mentioned that I've got a band? AAAANNNDDDDD... I've made lovely packaging for MonoChromatic!

I typed that "MonoChromatic" and "Hear It. Feel It. Ignore It" with my dad's typewriter.

Only 15.000 idr ($3) for that simple packaging and a CD! I always love to send this to you, wherever you are! You can always listen (and free download!) our songs here: MonoChromatic on Reverbnation but of course you can never download that cute bag :)
Shipping worldwide will be $7. I can make a custom listing for you on my Etsy (to make it safer) consist of MonoChromatic CD and simple bag with little surprise ;)

Pembayaran di Indonesia bisa dilakukan melalui bank BCA. Harga di atas belum termasuk ongkos kirim.

Hopefully tomorrow I can post few of my creations. I kinda obsessed with rings lately.
Tomorrow will be my first piano class! Yes, I'm 23 years old and I just started my piano class. 

What's new with you this week?


  1. waaa so creative!

    aku dulu juga sempet diles-in piano ma mamaku tapi setiap les aku selalu kabur hehehe nggak terlalu suka sih (kyknya tu obsesinya mamaku sendiri deh :)), akhirnya mamaku nyerah juga maksain aku les piano :D

  2. Woow, mbak "anak band" juga?
    Apa yang mbak ga bisa, coba?
    You're so multi talented!
    Dulu (a long, looong time ago :P) aku pernah nyoba jadi anak band juga (seangkatan Gigi), tapi berhubung masih pada sekolah & mentingin sekolah, yaa bubaar jalan, within a year :P


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