Fabulous Friday!

Today, let me bring you more happiness.
No, I won’t tell you that I’m ill, no. I’m getting better but it doesn’t mean I’m good enough to work. I’m going to see the doctor again today for some medicine. (Ghhh).

Another day, another surprise.

Remember about holiday trade going on on Etsy? I have received two items which stunned me. I bet I was like nerdie geek looking at this item while thinking “How can this be so soft?” “How did she make it?” Then I wear it on my neck “OH, it’s WARM!” And ended up wearing it while typing this post.

This knitted neck warmer came from The Gypsy Leaf on Etsy.
I don’t overate it but really this neck warmer is warm and soft, no itchy threads at all.

Oh, she has more neck warmer on her shop, I bet you must love them and they’re on sale! Grab them before you’re freezing on winter night!

20 DOLLAR SALE berry bubble stitch crochet neck cowl

20 DOLLAR SALE strawberry shortcake crochet neck cowl

20 DOLLAR SALE punky pink neck cowl

Thank you so much, Anna! I really love your neck warmer and yes, I’m wearing it to warm my neck. Thanks again!

Oh and the second item came from Bear Ink. As you browse through its shop, you will be dragged into another galaxy. What’s arrived was this exquisite Galaxy Deer necklace.

So cute, isn’t it? Bear Ink has got more darling items! Thank you Mina for that cute necklace! I think I’m wearing it on my date :D

Now.. What surprise you?


  1. I made my own too, Dita. heheh but not yet uploaded on my site.

  2. I really do hope that you're getting much better now (btw sakit apa, mbak?).


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