Wednesday! My First...

...Piano lesson! Yaay!
I was thrilled, a bit nervous, and I was confused in the middle of lesson but well... Not bad for the first meeting.
Today is December, first day of December and I will start this first post of first day of latest month of the year. (OF!)

Holiday season means... more cards!
Yes, I always love handmade cards and I have found one cute shop on Etsy:

Look at these!

Pretty Peacock Greet

Or you need more greeting cards?
You definitely need them!

These two are my favourites.

Visit Jnellydesigns on Etsy okay? You can also ask her to do custom cards!
How awesome!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my new bangle and rings. 

Penasaran? ;)


  1. Love JNelly Greets!! She is a talented lady. It's so great to see her featured on your lovely blog.

  2. Those are such a sweet cards...How was the piano lesson? Did you like it
    I used to play for 9 years:)

  3. My goodness, you have been busy. What gorgeous cards! I hope you enjoy your piano lessons.

  4. Have a nice day:)


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