Teddy Picker Teddy Bear!

20 years dedicating yourself to do something you love. Then you started to share with people near you to raise sleeping creativity inside themselves. Selling item you crafted, let those creations fly and fly high to someone’s room, somewhere around the world. That’s life.

That is life Michelle has!

She’s a doll maker, and almost twenty years doing it (TWENTY years, everyone) while I just started my crafting business a year ago. She has class where she shares her crafting technique in making a teddy bear. (I really wish I have sewing machine by now). Please take a look at these bears!

And yes they’re sold.

Two fly to lucky person in France,

and one is probably on his way to Australia,

then again there’s still another teddy in Miami!

Please please let my creation be in other countries! Michelle loves vintage too. If you hop to your blog, you will be jealous! Ubber jealous of her vintage collection! She has ETSY shop too. Visit her shop and see what's lovely.

tbmum on ETSY.

This crepe paper listing is one of my fav. So shabby, so calm, feminine colour i love!

Vintage Crepe Paper Wedding Bells-Pink and White

And oh, I love autumn colours, and I loooovvvve thread! I’m not really sure ini mau dipake buat apa (katanya sih ini benang untuk cross-stitch embroidery) but I don’t think I will do something about it. Just love to see these threads. FYI now this picture is set as my Lappy’s desktop background.

Have a nice night, everyone!


  1. aww cute teddy! I love teddy bear so much :) thanks for sharing

  2. How sweet of you, Dita, to write such a lovely little piece about myself and my bears!
    Thank you so much!
    I'll be mentioning this on my blog this week!

  3. itu benangnya gampang ngebelah, aku pernah pakai itu buat bukuku. benang polyester.


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