I want to have a job! Please!
Tapi masih ngga tahu kerja apaan. Lol. I love to craft, but i have an idea to work as a teacher too (what the..) or maybe work somewhere else not here in Indonesia. But really really have no idea. I think it's cool to work with people who have great taste of arts, and social heart. Whatever. Well actually, aku baru lihat blog-blog keren dari Indonesia. Nanti dishare pasti. Lambret nih koneksi internetnya.

Oh ya, selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa untuk semua teman Muslim ya ;)

I will edit the post when internet connection back to somewhat normal. Laameee!
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  1. Dita! I beleive you are the one with the biggest social heart out there!!! Congratulations to all of the wonderful crafters you take the time to write about! We're all so lucky to have you in our corner!
    Thanks Dita!


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