Giveaway! Whoaaa!!

Cute. Cute?
Super cute!!
You'll see what i mean when you see it in person. Well, i got this beautiful gift from Wineberry Bears. I love that stuffed baby bear she gave me. We meet a lot on Art Fire Forums, and i found out that she also has a blog Wineberry Bears Blog. I know I'm lucky to have one of those cute baby bears in my room. Yay! *lucky me lucky me!

I love the fabric colour and it's very soft cotton. See that green ribbon on his neck. Uber cute! Well this new fella now sitting neatly in front of me, i think it's a good idea to stitch two eyes and big grin on him. But since I'm not good at sewing, i won't take that idea.

See these gorgeous, soft-and-fluffy, baby and biggy bear!! Go to Susie's SHOP on Art Fire now to see more creations. She's very kind, and if you ask her, maybe she'll take care of your custom order. *winky wink.

China White Bear

Tiny Red Checked Baby Bear

Thank you Susie for this surprise! Happy now I have cute little friends to play with. Yayness!!

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