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I met this very talented girls on.. (i forget how we started our first convo online. We haven't met in a real world but we chat lots. During boring hours, frequent sickness of being pushed by needs of fresh air, anytime). She is bright girl who can draw, and has a neat handwriting (not fair!) and what makes that way unfair is she makes postcards of her own illustration! (Uber jealous). BUT, we talk this and that, about weather and bazaar, until she decided to sent these postcards! She mentioned these postcards are about to launched so it's not officially out on Mikisi (is this right, Dindie?)

Please welcome:
Dindie of Mikisi!

Go to her blog to find out how creative she is! Read this post about Mikisi's lunch bag and plushies, and notebook. Affordable art, give yourself a treat!

Do You Bring Your Lunch?
Mikisi Notebook Frenzy

Thank you for those cards, Dindie! I will just let them stay blank, make a garland, or just put them on my desk for instant inspiration.

Oh btw, supplies' arrived. Means, necklace time!! Charms necklace time, yay!! I love this Friday. Happy Friday and happy weekends to you all!

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