Yes! I am graduated! With an A on my final university paper *love, love!
Okay, now you know i am completely free, no rush or deadline, nothing, just agenda of "let's have some fun"! No pressure, no weight on my shoulder.
Last night was greatest night ever! Karena udah lulus, jadi ngecraft juga bisa asik dan ga diburu-buru. So i made these! *drum roll....

Handmade headband. I love hair accessories sooo much! Later i'll take the pic of each of them. Lagi ngumpulin uang juga nih untuk bisa beli manekin, terus segala sesuatu untuk keperluan display toko.

You can se great great tutorial for headband here, on I Am A Momma Hear Me Roar. Cheri's blog is an utter sweet blog. I really love her tutorial. So feminine and they're all easy to make. Don't miss her great tutorial of headbands here on her blog:

The MJ Challenge
What to do with the leather - Part 1
Hair Week - hair accessories

Those gorgeous tutorial smashed me with ideas. I made these five headbands less than two hours!

Sorry for this reddish photo result. I really have to fix all this. But please take a look at that corner of my room. Trust me it took more than 5 hours to arrange them.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. wah kakak udah mau buka butik? Aku nyusul ah (8 tahun lagi)

  2. Haha, belum Bela, cuma kayanya asik aja kalau di rumah ada peralatan buat foto-foto jadi ga usah nunggu pacar fotoin aku :p
    Hayu atuh nyusul, jangan lupa sekolahnya diutamakan.

  3. Congratulations!! You must feel immensely relieved! Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment for me! I love your blog! And the things that you find inspirational!! I'll be sure to visit again!

  4. trus kalo misalnya aku mau beli mesin jahit bagusnya merek apa ya kak

  5. Congrats on graduation! That's huge!

    The headbands are terrific -- well done!


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