...we can share bed...but not coffee.

I love coffee than tea.  I want my coffee served thick and not too sweet. What about your coffee?

Oh. have I told you I need 15 more followers to hold a big giveaway??


  1. i love those photos! Because I have crazy insomnia i cant drink coffee after 12 but today is an exception cuz i slept in like crazy. Having my one cup of coffee then onto decaff tea the rest of the day. you cant beat a good cup of irish tea ^_^

  2. I start out my morning with a cup of tea with just a splash of milk, but after that I switch to coffee (I love iced coffee during summer)during the day and final herbal tea at night. I think I'm a caffeine junkie! :>)

  3. i agree! coffee over tea any day! thanks for including my coffee break print :)

  4. I'm enjoying my coffee right now as I browse blogs :)
    My coffee's pretty boring...straight black.

  5. As I sit here I am enjoying a cup of tea in my new Hershey mug my daughter brought me back from Hershey, PA. I am a tea drinker all the way!

    Once I finish the hot stuff, I'll make a tall glass of iced tea with lemon.

  6. Amazing images! I just shared a recipe for making coffee body lotion on my blog. I prefer my coffee with chocolate and whipped cream - ie. mocha. I prefer loose leaf tea over coffee though. Big fan of Cream Earl Grey.

  7. beautiful collection! viennese is my favorite followed by a vietnamese coffee! yum, makes me want one right now! thanks so much for including me! :) warmly,

  8. Hi Dita,

    I must say your coffee images make me want to have some coffee right now! Even though I'm actually a tea drinker :)
    Have you tried the white luwak coffee?

    have a great week!

  9. Hi Dita!
    I've already added your button to my "Blogs I Heart" on http://oliveandlavender.blogspot.com
    Hugs :))))

  10. Great photos! My day always starts with coffee!!! No sweeteners! ~Val

  11. Ah, coffee! Nectar of the gods! I like mine thick, creamy (or foamy) and not too sweet! I add vanilla and cinnamon every time... Can you tell I'm obsessed with coffee?

    Have you tried adding honey instead of sugar? It adds an earthen after-taste...

  12. I need a cup of coffee now. I'm already planning tomorrow morning's latte thanks to this post.

    P.S. I'm going to add your blog button to my blog right now. :)

  13. Great photos! I love both coffee and tea. I like to drink coffee with cream (no sweetener at all) in the morning, and tea in the afternoons.

  14. popping over from Amanda's blog, habit of being. Just became a follower. Sweet blog you've got here.

  15. Super yummy! I don't like sharing my coffee either.
    It's funny I just created a page in my art journal all about coffee. I will be sharing it on my blog shortly!
    I hope you are doing wonderful. When I have a little more time and don't have my head stuck in HTML or CSS I am going to come get inspired more on your blog!
    Much Love,


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