Heart Is Where Your Home Is

I put half of my heart in my dream home...

(I'm sorry I lost the credit of those three images. Just let me know if you happen to know)

...the other half, I keep it safe inside a sealed wooden box in your heart.

Well, the truth is "home is where my home is" :)
Give me your thoughts about your dreamy house now. Mine is pictured on images above.

I really don't like to admit this but my bedroom has been split into crafting room, working room, packaging room, and bedroom itself.

By the way, you wanna see something romantic and feminine I've curated?


  1. My dream house looks a lot like yours!

    You picked some lovely little houses, thank you for featuring mine too!

  2. What a wonderful collection !!
    Thank you so much for featuring my tiny ceramic house in your great blog.

  3. wah itu rumah yg dari flanel (ditempel di kertas) bisa ditiru tuh :D

    hawaryu neneeeeng? kangen euy...

  4. My dream consists of 2 homes:) The main house would be a brownstone in Brooklyn near a great park and the other would be a house on the beach.

  5. That kitchen is AMAZING.

    My dream house would have dark wood floors, maybe some wainscoting in the hallways, a clawfoot tub... A lot of classic things that won't go out of style quickly.

  6. I never gave much thought to my dream home. I do have a dream bathroom though. I want it to be huge and have a tub large enough for me to swim in. Yea..if I had a million dollars a mini pool would be my tub.

  7. love that little canvas with the rain :)

  8. Where to being...!
    I guess I always wanted to have a tree house... One day we'll build a sumptuous palace atop a sturdy tree —when we own a backyard.

  9. I love all of those pictures! Your blog is so clean and fresh :)

  10. Gorgeous pics! I haven't thought about what my dream home would look like in a looong time...Beautiful treasury too!

  11. thanks so much for including my home print on your gorgeous blog :)
    have a fun weekend!

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  13. ... I mean to say, I just saw your feature over at Flex Family Arts! ;)


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