Syalala Sew! My Newest Creations

After few days with no-crafting days... Last night was time I finally got my revenge.
This pouch was a failure *sad face* I love the pattern. I will definitely go buy some more meters next few weeks.

This is a tote bag from same fabric pattern. I love big tote bag :D
Yes, it's for me, not for sale.

These few bags and pouches are for sale. I will join a craft show this February and I have a plan to remake, re-listing eeeeverything on my Etsy shop.

I paint a very simple one here on on pouch.
More I read the word, more the 'r' looks like 'n'. Dangerous.

Will look forward to making more bows for hair clips and pins!
(maybe a necklace too).

Malam ini MonoChromatic main di O'Lounge (lagi). For free~!
Mikir nih mau pakai baju apa nanti. Hmm.


  1. eh iya Dita, mungkin ada foto produknya yang lebih jelas, jadi kan nggak penasaran lihatnya heheheheh.

  2. These are so cute!!


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