No Crafting Time At All :(

My... Time's ticking too fast!
I'm doing my room cleaning these two days. It's tiring, really. I much prefer sewing a table cloth than doing this one. *Sigh
See this mess?

...but at least I'm done with this one.

 Also, I finally made a business card for my Yellow Pony for a bazaar in Bandung this upcoming February.

One more good news. My treasury made it to Etsy front page again! Yay!

Click here to go to treasury

I discovered this word on photoscape photo streaming today. I designed it my self.
Good question.

Will you?


  1. the last word reminds me with the title song of my favorite band, The Shirelles hehe

  2. Hi! I posted on my blog about your treasury making the front page. I was so excited because it's the first time any of my items have been on the front page! :)


  3. congrats on getting to the front page!


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