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So… Saturday!
Finally arrived. This Saturday night I stay a night in a family village named “Sari Alam”. My dad has got invitation from his office to have fun here. Tomorrow, on Sunday, we’re having outbound and few outdoor activities. Wow! I can’t wait. Probably, I will be a photographer for my dad. I dunno. Ont thing I know for here, it’s freezing cold here!

Wishing I were typing with cozy blanket wrapping my body. I want something hand felted! Yet, my mind goes tobag and bracelet on this post.

Remember that shop? Mutti? Yes, Linda is the name of that lovely shop’s owner. I’m very glad to see that she has listed few new items and give new price for few listings. You know I love something felted and warm right now. 

Check out here lovely felt-related items!
I love her felted items soooo muchhh!!



                        (PIF item, only $0.20!)

If you’re fan of lampwork, you can find them on Linda’s shop too!


For item above, you can vote Linda on this blog.
Go to link above. See the upper left vote box?  You just have to pick “Artisan Lampwork Bead Bracelet” and click “vote”. No sign up needed, just one simple click and vote! Let’s surprise her!

You can visit Linda’s shop here:
Or simply click image of mutti in the right section of this blog.

Oh, an update from my Yellow Pony. Bow series is up!

You can go here to purchase. 
Each necklace is 35000 idr.

Also these two charms necklaces.
Only You - 45000 idr

Feather Fun - 45000 idr

Hey! It's 2 a.m here and I think I should get some sleep :)
Have fun on weekend, everyone!


  1. Hey Girl! February sponsor spots are open for purchase until Febuaary 1st! so you have until then to grab one! :)
    I was looking at your 'about me' page, and it says you like to bike! thats awesome, the reason I have sponsors on my blog is because I'm raising money for a cross country bicycling trip! I'm so excited!



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