My Creative Thursday: Mixed Up Mind

So, this week runs so fast. I'm done with new listings but not yet done with training for English teacher. I'm having my teaching demo today at 1 p.m! An excitement, a mixed of weird feeling stirring up in my heart. Just wish me luck!!

I join Kootoyoo's Creative Space. Go to the link if you want to see various fabulous creation of incredible crafter out there.

Resin pendants (for keychain or necklace?? Or you want me to send this to you?)
You can see lousy bubbles there if you click the image and zoom in so I don't think I'm gonna sell them.

New listing to warm up your neck. In my city, Bogor, it's bright and hot from morning to midday,to noon. But in the afternoon like 4 p.m, rain can fall heavily, with crazy wind and thunder! It's a thunderbolt parade in Bogor, everyone! So I think I might need this kinda of necklace. I will make one later.

This one is for sale. If you have time, visit my Etsy store:

Tell me if you have Etsy shop too okay!
Oh, how's the weather at your place?


  1. waa new layout! looks so fresh :)

    pendant necklace aja :)

  2. Oh I like your rainbow ball necklace! Very pretty!

    Thanks for visiting me at my blog! You could make yourself a blanket like mine! It's really easy! Go for it!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I love the pretty things you create. Our weather is rainy here today but it's been hot and dry for months!


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