My Creative Space: Thursday Interview

Being inspired of other designer or artist is sure one of my creative process. Recently, theme of "tattered" bugs me like a crush to a man does! I don't know why but jewelry under that theme always enchant me. I have pushed my self to make sweet "tattered" jewelry but ended up with nothing. Real nothing. That's why i invite one of gigamillion shops on Etsy (ok i hyperbole it) with darling tattered jewellery!

Please welcome Rapsodie !

Ms. Shabby-Chic Hair Tie Band

Love is in the Air Brooch

Rapsodie Romantica Ring

Wanna Dance to Lady Ga Ga Bracelet/ Wrist Cuff

Here's a short interview with Rapsodie .

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself outside your "Rapsodie" world.
I help my partner running an orchid nursery most of the time. He has all kinds of orchid species(wild ones found in nature) from all over the world. My favorites are uncommon ones from Africa. Absolutely weird and wonderful! I'm sure he has something from Indonesia, too. So I'm surrounded with plants and flowers 24-7-365.

Why do you choose "Rapsodie" as your business in handmade universe?
Actually, I had no idea I'd start something like this! I've been making things as something to do for the past...8 years, and suddenly everything came together in the last couple of months and thought I'd try something outrageous I've never done before, which is to display my stuff in a webshop!!! I was so excited I couldn't sleep in the first 3 days. If I didn't know Etsy, it could've been anywhere, or even nowhere - I'd be still making things as something to do for my personal pleasure!!

What inspire you in your creative process of making products of "Rapsodie"?
Sometimes a line I read somethere or a movie I watch. I'm very visual so I get inspired by what I see. People, food, nature, animals, art,...and I like old stuff. I'm a retro freak but I also like new futuristic stuff, too!

Coffee or tea?
Definately tea of all kinds.

Bike or walk?
Walk but I prefer running(I'm a gym freak, too!)

Describe your everyday style.
Summer- food, water, clean orchids everyday. Winter- food, water, clean, weedspray once a week. Rainy- once a fortnight!

Have you heard about Indonesia?
Yes!! I met a boy from Jakarta some years ago. He was SPECIAL!!!!

You and "Rapsodie" in next five years?
No idea!!! I can't even see in the next 4 months!! But whatever happens, I love to keep creating things as long as I can.

Thanks for your time! A see-you-again word?

Don't you curious about her handmade in "Rapsodie"? Check this shop whose owner is surrounded by flowers everyday! See what kind of undiscovered stunner will engulf you!
Click here to visit her shop on Etsy: Rapsodie.

And my creation? Layered necklace with "tattered" flower for sure.

I joined this My Creative Space on kootoyoo blog. Click to see more links.

Have a creative week to you all!


  1. LOVELY! This is the sort of artistry that I absolutely CANNOT do but love and buy.

  2. Me too Lori i can't make them! Would buy them instead.

  3. I love anything "tattered" too! They're simply lovely...hmm, that's inspire me too, thanks mb Dita, for the post :)


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