To Print Thursday : Free Printable

I'm back with fun quotes I made this afternoon while waiting for JNE courier to deliver my business card order. I made this a moment ago when suddenly I've got so very itchy to buy more and more craft supplies..and yes money can't buy happiness but I am always very happy every time I successfully bought craft supplied I've been eyeballing for so long. So here's the free printable for you!

Oh! Have I told you my Yellow Pony bracelet is on BerryBenka header (again)?! This is crazy. I am so very happy! Those bracelets the model is wearing are my Moraine.

For you DIYers,I found very good news from Design Sponge's Instagram feed! Check it out! (Picture via DS)

It's almost weekend. What's your plan for this Saturday and Sunday? Me? My husband and I are going to have Bukber (breaking our fasting) together with hubby's big family. 

But I so can't wait for this evening. We're going to hospital to see 4D of our 39 weeks baby! It's getting closer! You can see my big belly via my instagram. See you there!


  1. Haha...love that quote! So true :) Thanks for the printable!

  2. Great printable!
    Congrats on the bracelet feature too. =0)

  3. That quote is hilarious and so true! :)

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