Enjoying Life


I like Rhonna Designs app. So helpful!
Life's been so busy these days. I barely can write on the diary!

It's Ramadhan month and we're here having Shaum (not drinking and eating from 5am to 6pm) and have to hold the angry, rude words, and everything bad.

This is my first experience to have Sahur (Ifthar, waking up at 3-4am to eat and drink and getting ready for not eating on the days) with my husband, Kicky.

I enjoy the role as a wife, teacher, and small business owner (you can see my creation on flickr : http://flickr.com/maulani). I miss singing a lot! Wanna get back on stage and sing!

I'll get back with free download link from MonoChromatic (http://facebook.com/monochromaticmc). There are more than 10 songs you can download. Stay tuned and stay pretty!

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