Not swear or sawer or whatever but this is called "uang saweran". Have you ever heard about it?

I don't know much about it either but let me share.

On my upcoming wedding this June 16, I'll throw the money (together with rice and few more 'ingredients') to the air and let the family members gather the money for themselves.

It is part of Sundanese culture which I found really interesting. Indonesia has got many tribes (sometimes I think too many) that have different rituals or simple things to do on the wedding day as part of culture which is used on that day.

On the picture, it is IDR2,000 (more or less US$0.20). There'll be around 100-150 money origami thrown to the air.

Did you do something similar to saweran on your wedding?

It is closer to June 16. The big day's coming faster than I think it'll be. 


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