June Big Day

Dear, readers.
I am still here. Alive and kicking!
It's just I have my big big biggest day in June so that I seem to stop blogging but actually I'm not entirely off from the online world.

You can check my Etsy regulary. I try to add new listing every one week.

Look at my jewelry collection on Flickr. Just contact me if something catches your fancy.

Listening to me singing songs

I am here and probably will be back next month. :)

Yes, I'm getting married on June 16!
Time flies so fast! I'll be my favourite artist's wife! 

You can see Kicky on the first picture and Putera (Putera Rizkiawan on Path,etc) on the second picture. He's the best photographer we've been working with this far.

I'll be in Thailand for 10 days from June 18-27. So if you live or having holiday at the same date(s), email me and let's meet up! I don't speak Thai so I guess this is going to be a challenging honeymoon experience.

I'll post more wedding photos! Enjoy these jewelry I posted on my Flickr. I love playing with gemstones and stone beads lately.. Thank you for sticking aroud and supporting Handmade Nest!


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