Playing with Wire

My first attempt of wired necklaces. These are really simple but I kinda like it :)
I use natural stone (if that's the name) with leaf charms.
They look pretty good at the end.. I think so.

What do you think about them? If you saw these kind of necklaces, how much would you like to pay for each necklace?

// Karya pertama kalung kawat! Sederhana tapi saya cukup suka hasil akhirnya. Saya pakai batu alam dan gantungan daun. Menurut saya sih kalung-kalung ini cukup bagus :P

Kalau menurut teman-teman gimana? Oya, misalnya melihat kalung seperti ini di toko, kira-kira teman-teman mau membeli kalung ini di harga berapa? //


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