I go pro on FLICKR!
I know it is not something you can brag about but I really glad that I finally made it into pro!
I know I'm not a pro (haha!). I just want to show people my creations and what I've done this far since I started handmade business in 2009.
Too bad I don't have enough time to upload photo series since I haven't got any time for photo hunting so what you see here is just my creations and things for sale. Have a look here!

I plan to have kind of project but I don't know what. Something different, far from making jewelry and handmade crafts thingy.


  1. The mint colored beads are so great for spring!

  2. I love the mint color beads with the little orange leaf!

  3. Good luck with Flickr! Love that first leaf necklace -- so pretty!

  4. Beautiful. I really like the first one.

  5. Thank you, Dita. I didn't know about Craftcult.

  6. I love all these necklaces! Probably my favorite jewelries are necklaces. =0)
    I just got the notice on my flickr that I should upgrade to Pro because I'm reaching the limit. Maybe I'll go Pro too!

  7. Hi! 2justByou Blog sent me. I like all. :)


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