Homemade Mint Tea

Kick's sister just bought mint leaves and Kicks immediately serve this after work.

I love the smell of the mint. Odol banget wanginya. Haha!

For you, Bogorian, bisa beli daun mint di Bogor Junction. Harganya 1850 dan dapet seabreg.

How I simply love this easy to make tea. Feel so relaxed. Do you like mint tea?


  1. We grow mint and so I eat mint tea a lot--it's so nice when you're sick. Just sticking plain mint in hot water and waiting. We started growing this lemon-mint variety which is also an interesting thing to drink.

  2. I prefer Jasmine tea :) I love the scent of jasmine. I often burn the jasmine tea oil as the aromatherapy, in my room :)

  3. Sounds so refreshing on another hot, hot day.

  4. Oooh that sounds nice right now!


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