Hello, Cards!

I'm into papers a lot and have been sharing many things about paper here on my blog. The vintage images are from Hooray for Lala, lovely shop which sells many adorable vintage items.

I'm making few blank cards last night. Inspired by blank card I got from Katelyn of Ninth and Bird.

She made the wire wrapped earrings and old tee into simple headband!

Thank you very much for the pretty package swap, Kate!

How's your Saturday?


  1. Love the cards, especially featuring cats!
    You look so cute wearing that headband :)

  2. Cute cards! And I love your new headband and earrings!

  3. The cards are wonderful! I pinned the Knitter and her cat to share with others.

  4. A very lovely card you have made. This wire wrapped earring is such a beautiful. I impressed by that. It so easy for making. I try to make it.


  5. Everything is perfect and this wire wrapped earrings really excellent. You have made just amazing card. I excited for make it. I impressed by that.

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