Feeling Blue

No quality time. Too busy with papers. Weather hasn't been nice that I called in sick yesterday. Today I'm getting better just still have got dizziness a bit.

I miss having good times with people I love. A lot.
I don't know when I can get a chance to flee from work and training.

I just definitely miss hanging out and having great times instead of doing the routines I don't enjoy much. I don't feel like making more necklaces or jewelry this week. No idea, really. Maybe I'm going to continue reading Rant by Chuck Palahniuk now.


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well lately. I have those days. I say a book is always the way to go.

  2. hihihi liburan mbak ditaa
    too many works will kill you.. heheheheh


  3. Hope you feel better. Take a break and get some rest. :)


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