Been Sewing Lately

Velcro! I need velcro right away!
Heheh... Well, I'm so glad that I've had break from teaching and been productive :)
You can look how productive Katie from Punk Project is. She's made the ruffled pouch tutorial on her blog post!

What's the last handmade item you just made or bought?


  1. I just bought a bunch of handmade things to give as gifts for Christmas, and I just made a sign to put over my desk to remind me to MAKE! :)

  2. cuteness! I love that giant blue flower. :)

  3. cute pouches!!
    Last thing I made was a knit infinity scarf!

  4. The last handmade item I made was a knitted hat I finished last night. I actually did not like the end result because wasn't slouchy enough for me but it's still cute.


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