Tuesday Sponsor Post feat. To Wear Tuesday

Sponsor post continues.. This time I'm featuring more three lovely girls from different background but united as bloggers. You are going to thrilled to see what they have on their blogs, pages, and shops!

Weird Amiga
Hello friends!
I'm Anabel from Weird Amiga —paper crown enthusiast, collector of absolutely everything.
My typical day is spent folding paper, and drawing creatures that are both troubled and charming.
You're invited to come by my blog, where a window is always open into the behind-the-scenes, the stories that inspire my handiwork, and life adventures in general.

shop: www.etsy.com/shop/WeirdAmiga
the blog: http://weirdamiga.blogspot.com/
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/weirdamiga
twitter: @WeirdAmiga

Punk Projects
Hey there, I'm Katie! You can find me over on my blog, Punk Projects, where
I post tutorials, inspiration, and little peeks into my life.
I'm an artist located in Texas, My favorite projects include lots mixed
media and I love scrapbooking, painting, drawing, sewing, etc.

The Peanut Gallery
Hey there! I'm Ashley, a 20 something momma of one. I have a passion for fashion, crafting, designing, and I'm a bit of a social media whore. I blog over at The Peanut Gallery. It's a hodge podge of my day to day antics, my insanely adorable little girl, my plans for our upcoming wedding and anything and everything else that pops into my head. Also? A lot of Starbucks happens over there. I hope you can grace me with your presence. Don't pass through with out letting it be known! I love meeting new followers and discovering new blogs so don't be shy, say 'hi!'


This Tuesday I'm feeling like a glamorous day is ahead. I have more classes to teach this week and I know I'm not going to wear jeans and t-shirt to the class. Playing looklet is so much fun! I'd love to wear them at work!


But I know I'm not going to wear the fascinator to the class. Which look is your favourite?

Waking up to see that I'm featured is already made my day. You can check this treasury and this blog post to check out :)


  1. Oooh, some new blogs for me to check out!

  2. Ah, thank you Dita! Off to visit these new friends!
    My favorite look would have to be the last one: it's just the right amount of wild.


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