Monday Mad Sew

This new dress I sewed this morning.

I love the pattern. I didn't sew the sleeve (you can look its messiness from the right sleeve, that's the fabric threads).
But I love this dress, especially the lines on it.

Have you got or sewed or bought new dress lately? What does it look like?

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  1. Fun pattern! I haven't sewn in quite some time. And I haven't bought a new dress in a while either...LOL :)

  2. Hi Dita,

    I love the interesting pattern of your dress! A handmade dress is so special. Great job!
    I haven't made or bought a dress, because it is so cold over here, too cold to wear one!

  3. That's a fun pattern! I haven't sewn recently, but I do have a couple of things in my closet that need alterations. Maybe I can get that done this week...

  4. LOVE the dress!!! (Those pesky threads bother me, too. I never seem to get them all clipped.) I recently photographed an item for Etsy and didn't notice a thread "whisker" until I started editing the photo.

  5. Cute dress, I like the lines in it as well. Refuse to buy anything new until I lose the last 25 lbs.

  6. Thank you very much for Edi, Duni, Paige, LeAnn, and Denise for commenting. I plan to take a picture of my "Yellow Pony" line very soon, a handmade ones and simple (I'm so new to sew).

    Thank you for the comments, really inspiring me to sew more!


  7. pretty dress. you're really a talented girl dita... :D

  8. I want to see the whole dress!!! I'm buying a sewing machine soon and I'm really excited to start sewing more!! I'm going to have to come here lots for helpful tips!!


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