Special "Buy Now" SALE!

November is near and it's my birthday month. I want to celebrate a little love with my readers. Thank you for sharing comments, read my posts, take a tour on my blog here. I want to give you big big sale for my products.

They're FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING so once you checked out, shipping cost is included. Please verify that your paypal address is correct. I do not sell these items anywhere else. If you have question, you can give comment or e-mail me, or convo me on Etsy.

FORK LOVE $10 - Free Worldwide Shipping

FLORAL LOVE $10 - Free Worldwide Shipping

Let's Fly High $10 - Free Worldwide Shipping

SAIL AWAY  $10 - Free Worldwide Shipping

FEATHERS FUN $10 - Free Worldwide Shipping

If you have time to promote this on your blog/twitter/pinterest, it is much appreciated, thank you very much!
Each purchase will get extra little gift from me. Be prepared for the surprise!

I'm turning 24 soon. My... Where did the time go?

p.s (The necklaces are up for sale here!)


  1. Aku promo in di FB & twitter ku yaa...
    Yaay, mau ada birthday girl! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope You will get a wonderful day!

  3. I love all of them! They are super sweet and delicate!

  4. super cute necklaces! and happy early birthday!! I'm a november baby too!

  5. Happy birthday - I hope your sale goes well!


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