New Week. New Month. New Layout

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(Sandy scrubs?)

I spent my weekend on the beach. Anyer. I didn't spend a night in a loft but a simple hotel room with kitchen and one dining table, one bed room, a small living room, and one bathroom. Loving the scenery on the way back home too. You can read the post and see few pictures here.

What's new about this month is of course new items on Wonderlost.

I know I'm gonna love you, September. So much.

Let's give warm welcome to Handmade Nest September sponsors!

I just finished edited new layout for Handmade Nest. Not sure if you like it tho. I know it still needs few colour polishes, I'm not good at that.


  1. The beach looks lovely! I really like those black and white earrings!

  2. Awesome photos! Farewell to Summer.

  3. i wish you a lovely month of september
    thank you for your very kind words on my blog

  4. lovely beach pics! Happy September!


  5. Love your beach photos. The beach is an inspiring place.


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