Dear Mr. Postman

Thank you for today. You've brought three sweet packages that just made my day..first time in the morning.
Items from the trade just arrived this morning and look what I've got.

(She asked me to put 3 months ad on my blog)

(Alexx asked for felted necklace on this post and two rings from Wonderlost)

Wall hanging from Ruth I've got from Craft Swap Zoe

This one, little surprise I've got from Crystal of The House of Hearts. She gave me post cards which available on her SHOP and also few lovely papers and sweet notes. I really can't wait to see you, Crystal!

I always love to trade, eventhough it's really amazing to made a sale but swapping is awesome!

Well, I'm taking a break from crafting zone this week. Kicky's doing some graffiti stuff for Java Soulnation Festival with 5 of his friends and I just finished my music thing with friends too (Friday evening, which is tomorrow evening, we have a performance). Looking forward to go to Soulnation at 8PM with Kicks. Have morning classes (full classes) on Saturday. I'm so looking forward to meeting you, dear Sunday.

See you soon!


  1. I looooove the cameos! The one with the yellow flower is my favorite.

  2. Lovely trades! I really like the Native coin purses. Enjoy them.

  3. I love when the mail arrives! I love the cameos and vintage bag!

  4. Mail days are the best! And what a treasure trove you got!! I want almost everything pictured here. Those cameos are awesome and that purse is super sweet. I found you through the EBT. I'm off to check out the links from some of your new treasures, and your Etsy shop! :)

  5. I love my postman too :) Getting packages in the mail is always the hightlight of my day!

  6. Festivals and performances? Sounds like so much fun, Dita!
    I'm curious about your music, too! Can it be found online...? :)

    The assortment of cameos is really great... How fun it must have been to unpack all these beauties!

  7. I am glad to see the little envelope made it's way to you safely!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week.
    Much Love,

  8. I really love the cameo set you got. My mind is turning with everything that I would do with with them.


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