Black and White

My whole life is dedicated to the greatness of black and white beautiful photos, calmness of the sea, and warmth of autumn cowl neck.

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I can't stop loving good fine art photos or illustrations or art print in black and white. Can. Never. Stop.
Here's my treasury on Etsy featuring black and white items, You're invited to click each item and find more pretties on each shop.


  1. These are great things to be consumed by...
    Intriguing images —off to find out more about them!

  2. Gorgeous! I love black and white photography

  3. Black and white is always such a beautiful and classy color combo!

  4. That waterfall photo is awesome!

  5. Ooooh, I know what you mean about black and white photographs!!! I remember back in college {and prior} when black & white pictures were created either with b&w film during the developing process. Now, with a click, ANY photo is instantly black and white! It certainly broadens our choices, but I wonder if it takes any of the specialness out of them. Certainly not the beauty!

  6. i love black & white photos!


  7. I love black and white photography too. I started off in photography with only shooting black and white film and developing it in the dark room was simply amazing. I wish I could make myself a dark room (just need some serious money for that!)
    The weather is getting cooler here too and I am finding myself pulling out my scarfs!
    I hope you are doing wonderful and enjoying the change in the seasons.
    Much Love,


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