Dialing Dreamy Diamond

I have been reading Picasso's biography and the book said that he loves to draw the harlequins. This is one of my favourite paintings.

Now I'm in love with the diamond pattern.

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Are you in love with specific pattern for now? Or are you now? 
I love diamond pattern! Here's the free printable for you! (Maybe it looks good for your card or just print it and frame it to be new citizen of your desk world).

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  1. I love using diamond print paper in my scrapbooking :) Your printable is great!

  2. Nice idea and printable! Tweeted too for ya!

  3. Hi Dita!

    I've always loved the diamond pattern. I have socks like this :)
    Your printable is great and I love the saying!
    have a lovely day!

  4. The diamond pattern is such a wonderful classic. The harlequin painting is so sweet! ~Val

  5. I've always liked diamond patterns. Similarly, the Imperial Trellis is also pretty great.

  6. Right now, I'm into chevron! ♥ Diamond patterns are great, too! ;)


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