Lacey Love

I'm a big fan of lace. That's for the opening. When I have time to create I always put lace on my creation. Sew it. Glue it. Or just attached with a pin. For this Monday post, I want to share few lacey creations I've found on internet. You see the materials, and just click the link to keep your fingers busy. Viva la DIY life!

Click HERE to make Maison Michel Bunny Ear

Click HERE to make Lace Cape Sleeve

Click HERE to make Bangle with Lace and Tulle

Click HERE to make Lace Earrings

Click HERE to make Lace Fascinator

Making your fingers busy yet? Wait. I wanna show you my laces.

I just made latest treasury of lace creations on Etsy.

Oh,  a question before I end this post. Are you a big of laces too?


  1. Lots of great tutorials here! I love the texture and patterns in lace and it goes with just about anything:)

  2. I enjoy lace too - it can add so much elegance!

  3. Love all of you lacy finds...I love lace too and think that it is so romantic to have a bit of it on your clothes, jewelry, etc.:):)

  4. I love lace too!!! Beautiful treasury and wonderful tutorial!! Thank you so much!!

  5. I love lace! It is so girly!!! These creations are all so wonderful! Congratulations on the Treasury. ~Val

  6. nice. i just bought some lace and have been looking for ways to integrate it in my projects. thanks for sharing!

  7. Great DIYs!

    Yes, I'm a big fan of lace too. When we were in Belgium, we went to a little town called Brugge, and there were lace shops everywhere. It was pretty amazing. It took everything I have not to buy them out. :)


  8. You just can't beat lace!
    Great round up you've got here!

  9. Nice roundup.

    I happen to be wearing a lace dress today.

  10. your creations are great! love the creamy bow xx

  11. I'm so glad I saw this post Dita! I made my own Lace 'fascinator' but turned it into a bag charm. Would love for you to check it out :)



  12. Hey! Thanks for posting the picture of my tutorial ! Means a lot to me! Your blog is great!


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