Water Colour Wednesday

Wednesday. Water. Colour.
Trust me I really want to draw, want to spend my time with colouring pencils and brushes.
Look at these.

I know I'm not good at drawing.
So, I try to sew with my new partner in crime (read:sewing machine).

What I've got from last night chaos with her was these handmade creations:
Of course it's started with simple pouch.

 And then this bag from old skirt.

Ended up with this crazy wall hanging.

I want to make more wall decor I guess.


  1. : ) This made me smile! Thank You!

  2. try to hang em on the wall, Dita, must be really pretty.

  3. Dita! You are very good at sewing! Wall decors are really pretty!
    Btw, thanks so much for featuring my hand painted porcelain tray in your lovely blog!

  4. your creations are so so lovely and fun! I also really love the painting of the deer and tree that you posted x..x
    Casie Jean

  5. so this is the "cupu velvet green tote bag" and the "zipper pouch which is goddamn cupu" eh?


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