Welcoming Saturday

Holla again! Tomorrow is Saturday and I've got to attend a wedding, someone I don't know at all. So what will I do?

Right. I'll sing. This is the rush 'order' I might say. I'm going rehearsing this evening with the band. Hope I'll do good tomorrow. Wish me luck! As the band members are great musician, I really have to do my best. Yeaaah!

So, what's new?

I've told you that I love charm necklaces. I do. I love them. Those dainty ones.
Btw, ada yang punya bahan perca warna-warni dan berbunga-bunga? I'd love to buy them! I want to make more flowers but buying one meter (or half) of very same-patterned fabric is not a good way out. :(
Just let me know if you have them! <3


  1. Love those necklace, you always have a great ideas for them :)
    Btw, I got a lot of destash fabric, let see if I can find anything floral for you ;)

  2. Loive the horse charm...!!!


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