New Year's Eve

Hi, everyone! Got lotta ideas for NYE already?
Looking at Etsy and Pinterest is blowing my mind! I want a park, wide grassy area with picnic mat and some bread, few bottles of soft drink, and good friends. But I think that's just part of my will-not-happen wish, not tonight.

Kayanya bakalan nonton Ricky main sama Kuas Cielo aja di daerah deket Tugu Kujang. Saya ngga sempet beli trompet pagi ini. Terus, kamera juga pinjem punya kakak. Terus... I don't think it will be grassy NYE party. Lol.

In 2011...

#I believe I will love more pastel colour in 2011, but in the other hand I can't stop looking at vibrant energy of colourful painting
#I'll be drolling over crochet works
#I will still envy people who can make living from their illustration and letter press prints
#I will still be a thrift-store hunter...
#apa lagi ya?? OH! I can't stop being a dreamer, I will not stop dreaming
#I will love wall decoration more than ever (especially embroidery thing)
#Segitu dulu deh. *haha*

OH and guess what! My treasury made it to Etsy front page! Wowww! Hahahaha!
I'm so happy right now. This is the first time my treasury made it to FP!

Click here to go to treasury

Lots more to come! Inspiration is everywhere!

(It's my image so I don't need via)


  1. What wonderful resolutions. I hope you enjoy the marvelous new year.

  2. happy new year dear dita :) saksesss di taun 2011 :) mmuach..

  3. Congratulations on the front page treasury! You definitely have an eye for putting beautiful images together.


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