Thank You Thursday

Hi! This Thursday post will make you a bit envy maybe. So please don’t.

Ok, you hafta be ready to read my excitement.

Do you know the craft swap hosted by The Claw Blog? I’ve sent mine earlier but got my stuff a bit late. BUT maybe that’s what we called it fate. Robin was busy, so she had to send package earlier for The Claw’s Fall Swap. I’m totally okay with it and I never expected such a present! It’s a big surprise on my birthday!

I worked for 8 hours straight on my birthday and I had to cancel my plan to have dinner with Ricky because I had to teach until 9 PM. But on November 3rd… Guess what Mr. Postman sent me. A big box of surprise from Robin! It’s a big big box! I saw the price for shipping, $27.01 and I was like “WOOOT???! What’s inside this BIG box?!”

I opened it, one by one. Those were wrapped neatly by pink gift paper. TA-DA!!!

Surprise!! A big surprise, priceless birthday presents!

Tote bag – Perfect for my teaching stuffs

Memo pad – Nice memo for to-do list, note-for-self list, any kinds of list

Earrings – Those are pretty! Silver earrings. Light, simply elegant, just wow.
Oh my God I’m so happy you know!!

Matches - I don’t smoke, you know that. I love this matches box. Because… MAP MAP MAP!! I love love love love map! Oh maaan… I will not use the box for anything, I might just leave it for decoration.

Soap – Moisturizing soap.

Revision, GIANT moisturizing soap. Lovely smell of eucalyptus mixed with moisturizer left me smooth skin. This soap is raising my mood-to-shower level.

Ring – I don’t eat too much, but looking to this miniature ring makes me wanna chew chew chew this miniature! There's a sweet lines of words inside that "Dita" envelope :D

Last but not least, Flower Book - A curated pocket book of flower paintings. This is totally inspiring!

Oh!! My words are never enough to explain my excitement, my pleasure, my happiness, my mixed of feelings when I received this package! Thank you so much, Robin. I don’t know what to say to you. God bless you. Good karmas ahead and really, I will not forget your kindness and surprise.

You can visit Robin here:
Bird in the Hand
We Live in Hartford... And You Should Too
Tiger Butter

Wow, I am happy, and it’s beyond words.
And there's one bag of Jelly Belly I couldn't take because the bag is on trash can already and those candy beans are neatly digested by me and my brother, and few people at office.

Thank you very much for your birthday wishes, everyone. Maaf ngga bisa balas satu-satu ucapannya di facebook. Terima kasih banyak untuk pembaca blog Handmade Nest.
Thank you very much for my blog reader. I will hold giveaway soon 
Mucho mucho mucho love love love!

And oh, are you ready for giveaway??
Thank you for my followers! I will announce it soon this week.



  1. what a pretty gift! how lucky!
    totally envy.... uh!
    hahahaha XD

  2. Again Dita I am so glad you liked everything, your happiness just beams off your website! Enjoy!

  3. Heppi! Hahaha, I'm lucky I know! Baik banget kan dia??

    Robin! I know it beams off my website! Haha! Again, it's all beyond words! Thank you!

  4. Hi,
    I'm following from Etsy. I'd love it if you would follow me back.



  5. you know? *ENVYENYENVY* hehehehe..
    kidding... its your big day, you deserve to get a big gift! :)
    happy belatd birthday dear Dita...

  6. Those are some INCREDIBLE goodies!


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