Have you checked this cool blog? One of cool place to swap handmade?


That blog is run by two amazing crafters, Uloni and Juliani who are united in Handmade Europe.

I SWAPPED. Totally happy with something which was arrived in my door few days ago.

This is a post of what have been swapped between Yolanda's gorgeous burlap bag with my necklace. I sent Yolanda this necklace, she mentioned it in her email that she loves this one so much.

Yolanda's BLOG is a mix of whimsical photos, vintage findings, handmade creations, and her stories of life. Make sure you visit her since she writes better that I do, and she loves to share everything.

I love my Sunday so much!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about the swap site, going to check it out right now. Please come visit my blog:



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