Floral.. Flower.. Romantic Thursday!

I love satin! And this satin successfully awaken my romantic side. So today's theme is:

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I've been with the same boy for more than 2 years now. I always love the time when he picks me up at the office (or at uni before).
I always think that's genuine, very romantic little thing he does.
(He works too, and always love to see him wearing his plaid shirt and jeans and helmet. Holding my hand and say "Hi").
What's little thing you think it is romantic?

Yang romantis buat kamu apa? Ngga harus dari pasangan sih :P


  1. Hmm, romantic moment...kayaknya waktu aku ultah thn ini. Aku ga ngarep dapet apa2 sih, wong udah tuwek, hehehe...tapi ternyata waktu lunch, tiba2 waiternya pada nyanyi sambil bawa b'day cake...
    Ternyata hubby udah siapin...

    Btw, I looove fabric flowers!

  2. Beautiful flowers accessories! I love satin too :)

  3. Beautiful flowers accessories! I love satin too :)

  4. These roses are lovely and so is your romantic story.

    My boyfriend is a true gentleman and I think it is romantic when he puts his hand on the small of my back as we are walking into a restaurant or shop, as if to guide me.


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