Wrapped Up Wednesday

Wednesday. Another training.
I had been studying Grammar when you slept tightly.
I just had breakfast, I couldn't be hungry!
I will have been finished reading a book when you call.

I'm not done with that (boring) grammar lesson and I'm having a test today. Agh.. Whatever. BUT, two things that made my day! I am in two beautifully curated treasuries! I have to go to that English course building and I don't have time to explain about another treasury I am in today, but later! Promise!

Thank you FlourishAndDebonair for picking my Red Needle Felted Necklace with Black Beads (which is currently on SALE)

in this smart treasury:

Study Abroad: Undiscovered London!

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Floral Tie Neck Vintage Secretary Chic Short Sleeve Shirt - Sixties, Seventies

Pandora's Scarf - Cowl, Wrap, Collar, Belt - Aqua, Chocolate Brown Damask

Visit April's SHOP now!

Google Chrome and SMART (name of internet provider I've been using for at least this one year) were not cooperative enough so I left this post as a draft. Now, I have that time to show you that second treasury I was in. Yay!!

Thank you takokids for adding my Perfect Punch Necklace

to this fun treasury!

You're so cute I just want to eat you up!

Visit Danny and Dawn's SHOP on Etsy to see these cute creatures!

Ghostly White Halloween Octopus Plushie Finger Puppet

Mix and Match Set of 5 Halloween Finger Puppet

Thank again, April and Dawn! ;)

OH wait!
Have you joined this GIVEAWAY from Lori of Pretty Things?


  1. I love your felt ball necklaces --- I'm a big fan of felt anything! :)

  2. Thank you so much Dita! Your necklaces are just so beautiful and quirky. Thanks for including some Tako Kids cuties!

    xox dawn xox


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