Friday Fun - No Sew Hair Clip and Brooch Tutorial

Hey! Hari ini hadirlah sebuah tutorial yang simpel dan menyenangkan. Cukup mudah untuk dibikin. Semoga tutorialnya cukup jelas yaa. Kalau kurang jelas bisa kirim email seperti biasa ke dita.maulani[at!]gmail.com

Hey! Today i have a simple and fun tutorial. Easy to create and follow. I hope this one is pretty clear. You can email me here if you want to ask question about this project: dita.maulani[at!]gmail.com

Ok i won't gonna translate it again, hope you're okay with it. So, we're gonna make no-sew lace and rose. I don't have any good name for them but here they are:

You need this:
Round pattern (i chose paper)
Ribbon (any colour but i chose red. I want a hot hot rose)
Burn a candle
Hot glue

Make a round pattern, you can make it bigger as your wish.

Hot glue it.

Cover hot-glued round paper with lace. You might want to attach vintage button on it.

For this red rose, burn one side of the ribbon and cover another hot-glued round paper. I made glue accident. Too much glue on one side of this burnt rose so I add feathers.

You can cover the back of your creation with felt.
Yay, you're done! Now you can attach this to your bobby pins or brooch. Have fun on your Friday! Semoga tutorial ini menambah pengetahuan teman-teman semua.

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Good luck, everyone!


  1. Thanks for the tute mb Dita, I loove fabric flowers...and it look beautifully "tattered" too :)
    Makasii juga link giveawaynya, meluncuurrr...

  2. Very beautiful blog and etsy shop!!! I'm a new follower :)


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