Sweet Shop!

You know when I received update from theplaythings blog, I was like “WOW I WIN!! THAT’S MY NAME THAT’S MY NAME!” I was very exited since this is the first time I win a giveaway!


And that gorgeous necklace is for the winner, for me! That rad cle. antique brass necklace!

Visit THEPLAYTHINGS on ETSY or just simply click the link above image to go to image below on Shermaine's shop.

I love this shop's visualization in presenting the products. It's using orange shade and a very warm tone, also brilliant choose of various backgrounds to enhance intense ultra-romantic touch. The list below is several of my faves from THEPLAYTHINGS on Shermaine's Shop

ballerina. pour moi. danse. gold-filled necklace

melody pearlies, gold-filled bracelet

ange. violoncelle. goldfilled necklace

Beyond beautiful aren't they? Now just off to THEPLAYTHINGS to add those necklace to your cart and buy! Don't forgert to be follower of her BLOG too since there will be more giveaways!

Thanks again for that gorgeous necklace, Shermaine!

Oh, don't forget to enter this lovely giveaway from Fresh Vintage Crafts!
"Please feel free to enter the giveaway to win a $25 voucher at the store, closes July 20th, winner announced July 21st." so now now hurry! Enter this giveaway from Fresh Vintage Crafts now!

Those doilies are the best i've ever seen! Love pastel colors they have. Visit Fresh Vintage Crafts on ETSY too.

See you!


  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog. You have a lovely blog.

  2. Thanks for your beautiful review on my work. It gives me great pleasure to know artists like you, do appreciate my work too. :)


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