Sorry for lack of post everyone! I'm struggling on my final paper and really want to finish it by July. I came across Etsy this morning and see one of featured items on the front page and i can't wait to share!

So beautiful collection from Love and Dream on Etsy!
You might want to visit the store. You really have to check this store out!

This one is a necklace i saw featured on Etsy front page this morning.

Blue Fibre Bib Necklace with Lace

I love ALL of her listings but am gonna add some terrific knitted stuffs the store has.

Adoreable All Season Couture Gypsy Vest-AOD

And i totally fall in love with these darling earrings!

Custom Color-Gypsy Earrings-BlueBlueBlue

Gypsy Earrings-Summer Fruit

Gypsy Earrings-Cherry Pink and Blue (VINTAGE)

Go check the shop noooww!! <3

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