Friday Until Sunday...

... I was with my baby, all three days!
It's a rare occasion I want to share my activity with you. This blog is made due to my random creative itch that creates random handmade things but I kinda want to share something out of topic. If you don't feel like reading a 'diary', stop here. Lol

Photos are taken by Ricky.
On Friday I went to FX to perform with MonoChromatic. That was great and I was definitely satisfied with the show. 

On Saturday I went to Bandung to see his performance with Kuas Cielo at Ciwalk.
We spent a night at Eki's house and guess what, there's something I really want to steal from his house.


How's your weekend? I'm so sleepy now...

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  1. Wkwkwk...kuncinya buat apaan mb? Ntar yg punya rumah nyariin, lho ;)


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